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Learn boxing

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Learn boxing Learn boxing Learn boxing Learn boxing Learn boxing Learn boxing

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Basic and professional boxing fitness techniques, includes types of punches and their classification, defenses, blocks, dodges, tricks and famous styles of boxers.
Boxing is a combat bearing, it is the basis of all martial arts, such as kickboxing, muaythai, karate, taekwondo, etc. It is very important to know boxing for mixed martial arts and self defense. It is also easy to learn, it also takes care of health as it helps to lose weight and maintain a fitness appearance.

Learn about basic, curved, advanced, varied punching techniques and boxing combos, classified by level of difficulty and explained through online videos organized for quick learning and understanding.

It includes various types of boxing stances, feints, special punches, hand and body preparation for better hitting, and legendary boxer styles.

Various online videos with exercises to increase the punching power, agility, speed and strength of the boxer. It includes a professional routine to work every muscle in the body at home.
These workouts, routine and exercises will make your body more fitness and healthy. The trainings are classified into:

* Technique exercises: To learn the important movements and physical preparation in this combat sport

* Maintenance exercises: To maintain optimal body fitness, tone and burn calories.

* Bodybuilding exercises: a routine to strengthen the muscles of the body with hypertrophy and increase strength and punching power.

This boxing app and its training exercises at home, not only focus on the upper part of the body, such as the arms, shoulders and pectorals, they also exercise the legs, the gluteus and the abdominals since these muscles are very important in this sport because they give much more force to the blows.

Train or practice boxing online, strengthen the arms, bicep, tricep, pectorals, shoulders or deltoids, back or lats, abs, gluteus and legs. If you like going to the gym or playing sports, sport complements your training by practicing this sport.

If you want to lose weight, be healthier with a strong and toned body, boxing and contact sports help to achieve a functional fitness aspect. You just have to dedicate a little time a day to train, in a month you will feel much better about yourself.

* Learn the basic and advanced positions of boxing, how to throw a punch correctly, how to move your body to improve technique, common mistakes made by newbies when throwing a punch, secrets and tricks to improve your punching technique and connect more often . Contact sports and martial arts help self-control, self-discipline and daily perseverance, all physical exercise is healthy for our body and mind.

Training self defense is an entertaining, fun and functional way to train the muscles of our body to achieve a fitness aspect, it serves for men and women, you can practice boxing at home, it is not necessary to go to the gym.

If you have never practiced boxing but want to learn, download this app with online videos organized so that you can understand in detail all the techniques and preparation, along with some daily workouts and routines that you can train daily as a complement.

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