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Infinite Lane - Mob Control

Infinite Lane - Mob Control

2.6.2 by WonderFun Gaming
(0 Reviews) May 11, 2024
Infinite Lane - Mob Control Infinite Lane - Mob Control Infinite Lane - Mob Control Infinite Lane - Mob Control Infinite Lane - Mob Control Infinite Lane - Mob Control

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May 11, 2024
WonderFun Gaming
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More About Infinite Lane - Mob Control

Infinite Lane is a next-generation 3D battleship game that perfectly recreates the real warships of history. You will be the commander of the naval forces, opening up the lanes across the vast ocean, commanding a fleet of ships against the fierce waves of the sea, building your own sea base and then become the king of the sea.
【Cinematic Quality with a fully immersive war experience】
Over 100 historical warships, including those who served in World War I and World War II, are in your command and development this time. Whether on a cruise, an encounter or a large-scale battle, you can see the full range of battleships during combat, taking you into the intense excitement of naval battle.

【Who is the strategy expert? Choose your own fleet lineup 】
A fleet of 8 warships is at your disposal to combine their capabilities and skills to defeat one enemy ship after another. Equipping your ships with the most advanced combat accessories is essential, and changing formations to suit different situations is also an important tactic.

【All the best of the best, the astonishingly beautiful captains are here for you】
They are unique in their ability to command a fleet of ships, and will help you to lead your fleet and improve its performance to achieve the best results.

【Combat on the Go, War Profits to be Looted】
You can send your fleet to patrol the uncharted seas even when you are working or studying, and the proceeds from destroying enemy ships can be collected at any time. Keep plundering the loot and upgrade your fleet to become the best!

【Build the strongest legion to rule the infinite seas】
Find like-minded allies to build a prosperous army and join the Atlantic trade fleet to harvest vast amounts of gold. Unite with allied armies to fight invaders and maintain the peace and integrity of the realm. Battle for the island with legions from across the seas and claim the top spot.

Are you ready for the most exciting wars at sea? Embark now and command your invincible fleet to open up new voyages and dominate the seas!

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