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Countryballs: Minigames

Countryballs: Minigames

1.8.0 by Niels Linus Kochert
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Countryballs: Minigames

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May 13, 2024
Niels Linus Kochert
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More About Countryballs: Minigames

This game is pure challenge! In many different minigames, beat your own highscore to climb the ranks. You will find yourself in a leaderboard where you can compare your best scores with others. Gather medals and trophies to increase your reputation and join the league of champions! On your way, you will be able to unlock many different countryballs, cosmetics and more!
The game features 20 minigames, some of which come with different difficulties. In these games, you will have to prove yourself in various ways. In some minigames you may have to use your reaction speed and precision while in others its all about strategy and intelligence. There is something for everyone, with many classical casual minigames included. Some of these games are Flappy Ball, Hungry Countryballs, Catch the Countryball and Climbing.

While playing minigames, you can unlock medals and trophies by beating specific scores. With these medals and trophies, you will gain reputation which will help you to climb leagues and gain epic rewards like a special currency which will help you to unlock exclusive cosmetics. Can you make it all the way from Bronze League to Champion League? You will also be able to see and improve your own highscore for each minigame.

In the global leaderboards, you can see the top 100 players of each minigame. Will you be able to get your name on the list?

Playing minigames will give you tickets, the better you play the more you will get. There are many different countryballs to unlock, some being present-day ones while others are historical. Meet the likes of Polandball, USABall, Germanyball and many more. You can also unlock a diverse range of costumes as well as colorful dashlines for your countryballs.

Each minigame is made with the intention of providing a fun experience. They come alive with a diverse range of sound effects, small quirks and details and overall replayability. There is no pay to win.

You will have the choice between creating your own account or playing as a guest. Both options give you access to the leaderboards and all ingame functionalities. You can always log out of your account, delete it, change your display name or reset your password. There are also color customisation options for the menu. If you have issues, there is an option to report bugs so the developers can address it as soon as possible. The game also provides partial localisation for several languages, including Spanish, French and German.

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